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Brooklyn NYC Newborn photographer

Brooklyn NYC Newborn photographer

Today I want to show you how I use the power of photoshop. As you see I’m a Brooklyn NYC Newborn photographer. I take pictures of newborn babies when they are very young just 5-10 days old.

As I promised in previous blog post; In the following blog post I will show how I use the compositing technique in order to active one good image. When I had my 4th baby I really wanted to photograph all my children together. Although I am a very skilled photographer, when it comes to my own kids photographing them is a challenge. I think any photographer will tell you that about their own kids. Adding the fact that I just gave birth you can imagine how  hard it is. With the help of my husband we gathered all our kids to my studio. Boy that was not easy at all! Thank god for composite. I combined four images together! one for each kid. After culling the images from the session (I took al lot!) I choose four images to combine together in photoshop. I Will show them below. I did that, not because I am looking to make myself work hard. Rather because I did not have a single images where at least two kids looked good as I wanted.

First let’s meet the stars of the day. From left to right we have; Ella, Yair and Naavah. And Yair is holding baby Naomi.

Brooklyn NYC newborn photographer

I took Yair’s image from this one, I like his smile here 🙂 As you see Ella is not looking to camera and Naomi is not positioned currently. While Naavah is not here at all! 🙂Brooklyn NYC newborn photographerElla is my happy child. I feel like this images is showing her personality well. Though I have other images of her looking nice and pretty I chooses this one of her laughing.

Brooklyn NYC newborn photographer

From this image I picked Naavah. She is a happy toddler who is running all around and busy being cute. I think this expression shows it well.  Yair is unhappy here, Ella is cute and Naomi is making a newborn face 😉

Brooklyn NYC newborn photographer


From this last images I took Baby Naomi, I like how calm and perfect she looks here. Brooklyn NYC newborn photographer

And the final results is this:)

Brooklyn NYC newborn photographer

Let me know if you have any questions about this technique in the comments.

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