Good To Meet You

My name is Dina and I'm a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. I’m also the mother of 4 amazing kids. My husband bought me a special gift for my son’s birth (he’s my oldest), a professional camera. I was really thrilled and started taking pictures immediately. We took the camera everywhere and photographed almost everything. It was so much fun. Since I love photography and have always felt a pull to art, plus I really wanted to do it right, I applied to and got accepted to the art college FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). I majored in Photography and after 3.5 years I got a degree which I’m very proud of! The more I learn about photography the more I want to take pictures. The special connection I have to photographing Newborn Babies comes from the experience with my own kids .Before my second child was born I knew I want to go into Newborn photography so I got all I needed and photographed her, she was my first newborn to photograph :)

Those images and the memory they are holding are the most meaningful and special thing I have! There is nothing as unique and captivating as having a newborn baby in your arms. I love seeing that moving connection between a mother and her new baby and of course I want to capture it.

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