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Portrait of Dina Duchan, newborn and maternity photographer in Brooklyn, New York, capturing timeless moments of motherhood

Welcome to Dina Duchan Photography, your premier destination for newborn and maternity photography in Brooklyn, New York. I'm Dina, a passionate photographer and mother of seven wonderful kids. I am delighted to share my journey with you.

My love for photography ignited when my husband gifted me a professional camera for the birth of our first son. Instantly enamored, I embarked on a photographic exploration, capturing every moment with zeal and enthusiasm.

Driven by my passion for art and photography, I pursued formal education at the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), majoring in photography. After 3.5 years of dedicated study, I proudly obtained my degree. I continually push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

The magic of newborn photography captivated me after the birth of my daughter. Here, I discovered my profound connection with capturing the innocence and beauty of newborns. Armed with my newfound passion, I embarked on my journey as a newborn photographer, cherishing each moment behind the lens.

The bond between a mother and her child holds a special place in my heart, inspiring me to specialize in maternity shoots. There's nothing more enchanting than immortalizing the radiant glow of expectant mothers as they embrace the miracle of life.

At Dina Duchan Photography, my mission is to encapsulate the raw emotions and timeless moments shared between parents and their newborns. I believe in creating authentic and heartfelt images that serve as cherished memories for generations to come.

I am deeply honored to be entrusted with capturing your most precious moments and celebrating the beauty of new life. Thank you for considering Dina Duchan Photography to be a part of your journey. Let's create magic together.

Contact me today to schedule your session and let the moments unfold.

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