Baby Prep Guide

The Baby Prep Guide For A Newborn Photography Session

Please read carefully about how to prepare your baby for their newborn photography session!

Most babies are much sleepier at home than they are once they get undressed and are touched and posed in my studio. In order for this session to go smoothly and for me to be able to capture images as you have seen on my website, please follow my baby prep guide info as best you can. Of course, I understand that all babies are different, and it may not go just as I suggest, but please do your best. Keep in mind. The sleepier your baby is, the better your images will turn out!

Trust me!

ONE: Start waking your baby up at about 2 hours (the longer the better!) before you need to leave the house for your session.

TWO: Give your baby a bath (either tub or sponge bath), as this will help keep them awake – especially if they are sleepy. Take your time with this bath, drag it out as much as you can to kill some of the time.

THREE: Do lotion time. This also helps keep your baby awake, so drag this out for a long time, as well. The lotion also helps with dry skin, so it won’t show up as much in images (I will edit any sections that need tweaking).

FOUR: Please dress your baby in a sleeper with NO undershirt. If it is a cold day, please use extra blankets instead of extra clothes, so it is easy to get the baby undressed. Please do not use anything with a waistband or things that will leave marks from being tight.

FIVE: About half an hour before you need to put your baby in car seat and leave, give your baby a big feeding. Try to keep your baby awake so that he gets the most milk possible.

SIX: If you live very far from my studio, I do not want you to keep your baby awake in the car. Let them sleep on the ride here! If you live very close to me, please take an extra drive to ensure your baby has fallen asleep in car seat. Once you arrive at my studio, I will then take your baby and get him out of the car seat. I do this to keep them asleep so I can get started right away.

Additional info:

I have all props, hats, headbands, blankets, etc. needed for our session here at the studio. The studio is a warm, 85 degrees to ensure we keep your baby happy! Please dress lightly. Please bring extra milk if you are bottle feeding, and a pacifier even if your baby doesn’t really take one, it would be really helpful for the duration of the session. If your partner is not able to come on session day and you need help, you are welcome to bring your mom or a friend. If you are coming alone and you have had a c-section or are very uncomfortable lifting, just let me know before the session day and I can get your baby out of the car for you, no problem! Please do not schedule any other appointments for our session day. This will cause extra stress for you and your baby will sense it. Occasionally, I have had a baby that just does not sleep, or is extremely fussy during the session. If this is the case, and I believe the session might be better on another day, I may reschedule. Please do not take pictures or videos during the session! I want you come in, sit back and relax! Let me take care of it all and enjoy your little ones first photo shoot!

My address is 85 East 46th St Brooklyn NY 11203. The studio is downstairs, entrance is from street level – through the door on the right. You’re welcome to leave the stroller near the entrance if you don’t want to carry it downstairs. If you wish to bring it in, I will gladly come and give you a hand!

I look forward to seeing you and your sweet baby!


Newborn Baby Sleeping Sideways With Flower Head Band

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