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Yoav Newborn Photography Session in NYC

NYC Newborn Photography ~ Yoav

Now I am offering to NYC newborn photography services. I make my studio very comfortable for new mothers and little babies so they can relax while I take of the baby and photograph him. I have a couch where parents often take a short nap on and some snakes for the postpartum mother. When Baby boy Yoav and his mother walked in my studio I was thrilled to see his full set of hair and his very cute chin dimple. I love seeing such cute details.

Baby boy Yoav, was close to being three weeks old. Being a bit older than the average newborn I photograph (5-10 days of age usually). The older newborn babies are getting used to being outside the womb, and therefore are more alert than other newborns. To help calm them down I’m using more wrapping techniques. I decided to wrap baby boy Yoav in order to keep him nice and calm and feeling safe a secure. Well I got an amazing eye contact with him! This is something that I don’t get often with newborn babies so I was thrilled to get it! Usually what I get is many funny looking and awkward looking faces. I kept shooting and pressing my camera’s shutter and finally I got it!

Since my number one concern is newborn safety. I make sure to involve parents in the photoshoot if needed. I call them a ‘spotter’, because they spot the baby. The ‘spotter’ often just place one single finger on the baby for extra support. I then remove their hand or finger from the image using the powerful software – Photoshop. I am so glad I got to be trained really well in using this software because it comes handy so many times.

One more major use with photoshop is composites. I should do a separate blog post on just that. It is very cool to see the power of composites.

Here are a few images from Yoav’s session;

NYC Newborn photography NYC Newborn photography NYC Newborn photography NYC Newborn photography

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